Top Notch Bagels, Lox and Schmear!

I love bagels. I love cream cheese. Salmon…..mehh…never been a big fan. It’s my own issue, I get it, but there is something about fish, salmon, tuna…anything fish like that makes me make that face. You know that face. The same face your 8 month old makes when you feed them mashed up peas for the first time. Have I ever really eaten salmon? In all honesty, no. So my harsh judgements on salmon and it’s cousins is based on a completely ignorant palate.

Today…today was the day that I became a lover of salmon. My palate has become a newly introduced connoisseur of “lox”. Paired with a great tasting bagel, some amazing cream cheese, hand crafted pickled onions and a sprig of dill I am now hooked.

I am out and about in Regal Heights Village often and was excited to visit the newly opened Lox & Schmear, located at 1030 St. Clair Avenue West. My original intention was to pick up a couple of bags of their St. Urbain Bagels, have a quick chat and head on my way. Clean, modern and very welcoming is what you will find when you enter Lox & Schmear. Oh and don’t forget the amazing smell of bagels and smoking salmon. I admittedly did not know what Lox was and Lev & Kiki were more than happy to explain the in store process of curing and smoking amazing cuts of fresh farmed Atlantic salmon. I was sceptical at first when they offered me a sample of some of their fresh salmon but upon trying it I rather enjoyed it. It wasn’t until Lev whipped up a small tasting of the lox, cream cheese, pickled onion, and dill that I had to order a Lox & Schmear sandwich.

I honestly cannot say enough about this place. We have a lot of great businesses in Regal Heights Village and this is an amazing addition to that roster. Be sure to head in and check it out. Buy a bag of bagels, order a sandwich and have a chat with the owner Lev and her sidekick Kiki. You won’t be disappointed!