About Regal Heights Village

Situated on St. Clair Avenue West between Dufferin and Winona Drive, Regal Heights Village is centered on the headwaters of Garrison Creek, with the neighbourhood of Regal Heights to the south and the historic St Clare Church and Oakwood Collegiate at either end. The main street, with its iconic streetcars, boasts a number of unique shops and restaurants as well as a renowned ballet school and an innovative neighbourhood gallery. With interesting turn-of-the-century architecture, it has also been the location for a number of film productions. It is a place unlike any other, a place with real character and a strong sense of community.


Heading to World Championships in Dublin

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Carey and Lesley Stone are no strangers to competing in martial arts. In a few weeks time, they will be boarding a plane along with their students to head to Dublin Ireland to compete in the World Martial Arts Organization's World Championships. They will be joining other members of the Canadian Team to compete in various Martial ...more details

What does St. Clair mean to you?

Recently we posted the question on our Social Media - What does St. Clair Avenue mean to you? We received a good number of responses and each response was a clear indication of what St. Clair Avenue and Regal Heights Village means to our surrounding community. The same word seemed to resonate throughout each of the responses and that was Home. In Regal Heights Village ...more details

Keep the 2 Hour Time-Based Transfer

Let's make it happen!

As of September 3rd 2017, the time-based transfer will no longer be available to riders on the St.Clair Avenue West 512 route. This transfer was introduced in 2005 as a goodwill gesture to customers and businesses to thank them for their patience during construction. With the introduction of the new streetcars, the TTC has decided that it is no longer feasible to continue the p...more details

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