About Regal Heights Village

Situated on St. Clair Avenue West between Westmount and Winona Drive, Regal Heights Village is centered on the headwaters of Garrison Creek, with the neighbourhood of Regal Heights to the south and the historic St Clare Church and Oakwood Collegiate at either end. The main street, with its iconic streetcars, boasts a number of unique shops and restaurants as well as a renowned ballet school and an innovative neighbourhood gallery. With interesting turn-of-the-century architecture, it has also been the location for a number of film productions. It is a place unlike any other, a place with real character and a strong sense of community.


Expect the Royal Treatment in Regal Heights Village

Excellent Treats & Refreshments to Fuel Your Day in the Sun!

This is the first in our series of highlighting some of the great businesses in Regal Heights Village that really offer that Royal Treatment.With lovely warm weather sweeping across Toronto and boasting with it an antidote for the winter blues and hibernation mindset which plagues many during the colder months, the time has come once again to venture outside and explore all...more details

People of Regal Heights Village

Amazing People of St. Clair Avenue West.

Former Oakwood Collegiate graduate and classical pianist of the Royal Conservatory of Music as of 1964, Rosallie Abella was the first Jewish woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada. Born in 1946 in a Stuttgart, Germany Displacement Camp, Abella and her family immigrated to Canada in 1950. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto in 1967, followed b...more details


Fostering to Customers to Improve Business

One of the BIA's initiatives for this year is to work on improving the streetscape along Regal Heights Village. The concept of a streetscape, noun, denotes a public comfort atmosphere, and its various intricate aspects can make or break the general harmony of the community and its members. Everything, from the quality and consideration of roads, sidewalks and accessibility to v...more details

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