Regal Heights Village Business Improvement Area

Regal Heights Village BIA was established in 2000 and was formerly known as St. Clair West BIA. The BIA is situated on St. Clair Avenue West between Westmount Ave and Winona Drive

Within our boundaries of the historic St Clare Church to the west and Winona Blvd to the east, this area boasts a number of unique shops and restaurants. Together the members of the BIA volunteer on an ongoing basis in an effort to draw more prospective customers to the area, through beautification projects and special events promoting it as a good place to shop, visit and do business.

Every business within our boundaries is automatically a member. There are no exceptions, under the principle that all who benefit should be required to bear their fair share of the cost of the program. While our BIA is founded on the retail and professional activities of our main street, it has a profound effect on the surrounding area. It serves as an economic and social anchor, helping to stabilize and revitalize the surrounding communities.


Regal Heights Village BIA works to:

  • Build the image of Regal Heights Village and surrounding area;
  • Attract customers and community to the area;
  • Provide and informational resource for business and community related issues;
  • Work alongside the Regal Heights Village Residence Association to create events and community informational hubs.
  • Make Regal Heights Village a more attractive place to shop, work and do business.