Keep the 2 Hour Time-Based Transfer

As of September 3rd 2017, the time-based transfer will no longer be available to riders on the St.Clair Avenue West 512 route. This transfer was introduced in 2005 as a goodwill gesture to customers and businesses to thank them for their patience during construction. With the introduction of the new streetcars, the TTC has decided that it is no longer feasible to continue the program.

The Regal Height Village Business Improvement Area is strongly against the discontinuation of this service as it has not only been a benefit to the businesses along St. Clair Avenue West, but a huge benefit to the community at large. With the loss of this program, there is the potential for a decline in business and activity in our area.
We ask that you help us in our plea to the TTC and the appropriate government sectors to reconsider their disposal of this program or to find an appropriate solution.