What does St. Clair mean to you?

Recently we posted the question on our Social Media – What does St. Clair Avenue mean to you?

We received a good number of responses and each response was a clear indication of what St. Clair Avenue and Regal Heights Village means to our surrounding community. The same word seemed to resonate throughout each of the responses and that was Home.

In Regal Heights Village we are blessed to have a diverse selection of businesses. This may make it hard to define us as say the ” Fashion District” or a “Boutiques Boulevard” but it offers the community the opportunity to enjoy diversity and have a little bit of everything within walking distance.

Regal Heights Village alone is home to salons, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, a bookstore, a museum, clothing stores, banks, schools, grocery stores….you name it we have. We have everything here and here you are home.

Not only does Regal Heights Village have a diversity in businesses, but a diversity in young and old. We have community members that have lived all of their lives in the area and some who are brand new. We have families that have moved away and returned because Regal Heights Village and St. Clair Avenue is home to them and now to their growing families.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the post and we look forward to hearing more.

So what does St. Clair Avenue mean to you?